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woensdag, september 20, 2006

French fountain

Fountain in a French city in Burgundy. The picture is taken in July 2006.

donderdag, augustus 24, 2006

Opening of a new blog

I like blogging, I love taking photos and being in parks. I will combine these interests in my new blog about parks. You can my new blog at I will tell you about the history of the park and show you some beautifull spots. I hope you will pay my new blog a visit.

zondag, augustus 20, 2006

Shark in front of a wreck

An impressive sight.

donderdag, augustus 17, 2006

Shark in close up

Shark in close-up. What do I have to tell more?

dinsdag, augustus 15, 2006

Dordt in Stoom 2006

Every two year in Dordrecht we've a festival about steam, it's called "Dordt in Stoom". The harbour is full of steamships and the quays full of steam engines, cars, tractors and other vehicles. This picture is taken in May 2006. The weather wasn't nice but it was a great happening. At the back you see the tower of "De Grote Kerk" of Dordrecht. Dordrecht is an old town south of Rotterdam. The town is situated on an island between several rivers in the delta of Holland. History goes back to almost 1200.

maandag, augustus 14, 2006

Young dolphin

This young dolphin was swimming with it's mother. It was a magnificent sight. The picture is taken in the summer of 2005.

zondag, augustus 13, 2006

Couple in the streets of Cluny

This picture is taken in the streets of Cluny (Burgundy, France) in August 2006.

vrijdag, augustus 11, 2006

Church of Ozenay

Ivisited a wine festival in the litte village of Ozenay (a few kilometers west of Tournus, Burgundy France). The picture shows the roman church of the village. The picture is taken in August 2006.

donderdag, augustus 10, 2006

Boats in the reed

This picture is the last one in a serie I took at borders of the river Saone in Macon (August 2006). At the background you see a glimp of the ancient bridge in Macon.

woensdag, augustus 09, 2006

Swan in the Saone, part II

The king of the river and his entourage.

dinsdag, augustus 08, 2006

Swan in the Saone

It looked like this swan was the king of the river. The picture is taken at the border of the river Saone (Burgundy, France) in August 2006.

maandag, augustus 07, 2006

Macon, Bourgogne (France) start of a winetrip

Past weekend I visited the Maconais (wine area in the Bourgogne) in France to taste and buy wine. We stayed the weekend in Macon, the place where I took this picture at the start of our winetrip. The coming I will publish some pictures I took during this trip.

donderdag, augustus 03, 2006

Clown in Avignon

During the theatrefestival in Avignon (Provence, France) I took this picture. At the square in front of Le Palais des Papes the clown is asking for silence. The city of Avignon is in July the stage for many performers, musicians and dancers out the whole of France.
The picture is taken in July 1997.

woensdag, augustus 02, 2006


A male wild duck climbing out of the water.

Singer, Sue Challoner

In the mid 90's blues singer Sue Challoner performed in Dordrecht (The Netherlands). I took the picture in "Het Wantijpark" during a festival.

dinsdag, augustus 01, 2006

Enjoy of God

In Breda (in the south of the Netherlands) performed the Dutch popband Enjoy of God. The picture is taken in 1994.

Theatre on the street

In July the 20th theatre festival in Chalon sur Saone (Burgundy, France) took place. These performers played a part of their show in which good and evil ancient Greek Gods were competing.

maandag, juli 31, 2006

Chateau of Tramayes

The last castle I'll post this week is the chateau Tramayes (Burgundy, France). The village Tramayes is situated west of the French city Macon. Next weekend I'll visit some chateaus in Burgundy and perhaps I take some pictures of castles so I can publish them.
This picture is taken in July 2006.

Chateau of Cormatin, old coach

In France you can find very old vehicles en coaches at surprising places. In one of stables near the chateau Cormatin I found this old coach. I wonder who have droven this coach and when was the last time it left the terrain of Cormatin.
The picture is taken in July 2006.

zondag, juli 30, 2006

Chateau of Cormatin, pottery and flowers

A part of the chateau Cormatin collapsed in 1815 while the former owners wanted to accomodate an enterprise in that part of the castle. The picture shows the still excisting foundation. Nowadays it's decorated with pottery and flowers. The picture is taken in July 2006.